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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

olympian events

Basically, i think this olympics has been a bit of a fiasco. first of all the enormous fuss over all the drug-taking, to which there never seems to be a satisfactory solution - you wonder just how many of them AREN'T doing it - and now all the judging discrepancies, appeals, re-appeals and remarking that is going on (or not, in the case of the Korean gymnast cruelly robbed of his gold by the medal-impoverished nation that is the US). It just seems to add an unpleasant tinge to the whole thing, rather like a stew which has slightly too much pepper in it.

Continuing on the Olympic note, I find the whole concept of professional competitive sporting events bizarre, especially having just done my A levels. It is so the opposite of everything academic. And having just joined the gym and realised my own negative levels of fitness I have a newfound respect for all the Olympic athletes. Especially those who do long and middle distance. More power to Kelly Holmes - what a sweetie! However I just wanted to give Paula Radcliffe a big fat hug - how gutting.

Anyway must go, my dinner is ready. Woohoo!

Bye x

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Happy days

Hello! Well I haven't written here for a few days and a lot has happened so here goes...

I'll start off with Thursday. As you probably know it was the day the A level results came out! I've never been so scared of any results in my entire life. As we walked to college my stomach was churning... I'm the kind of person who puts a lot of pressure on myself which doesn't help either. When I got the envelope I could hardly open it - for a few minutes I just stood there looking at it, but Tom reminded me that the results wouldn't change in the next few minutes, so I opened it... As I saw 2As for English Literature and Politics I hardly dared to hope I could have got an A for History! And then I couldn't even find the History paper so I was desperately looking for it, but eventually I found it and lo and behold it had another A written on it!!!! I could not believe it. All I can say is, God is good. It is such a relief having stressed for the last two years and spent the whole summer waiting! Yay!

And then it was on to London with Tom, Mum and Dad to watch the cricket. This was such a cool day out. We got there a bit late cos of the results but the rest of the day made up for it. England were batting and despite my cricketing ignorance (Tom was very patient with me) I had such a good time. Mum and Dad had also made a well nice lunch complete with (very) chilled bottle of white wine and other beverages to celebrate which was lovely! England of course rinsed the Windies and best of all I got to see Flintoff play so my day was made.

Then in the evening out to celebrate... most of college was out in Brighton that night... I was really worried before I went that I'd do something stupid but with prayer and the Holy Spirit I managed to have a good time and not drink too much or do anything else silly! We went clubbing and then Dan was around so I met up with him and had this massive chat about the Bible and stuff. All in all it was a great end to a fantastic day. Woohoo!

Then yesterday we met up with some Carey friends at their house in Downe, which was lovely, and one of them being a chef the lunch was delicious! We went for a nice country walk which was cool, and then we were about to go home and Mum and Dad SPONTANEOUSLY invited them back to our house for dinner (we had to go back home cos I was working). So we all came back here, and then work was good - I had a 'job chat' yesterday morning so I was all motivated, and my tips were pretty good as well - they have been rubbish for the last few weeks but seem to be picking up recently :)

So yes, life is good, and God is amazing. I am all happy. Congratulations to everyone else who got results!

Bec x

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Yes I am very tired. Well today was an important day - me and Becky went gymming for the first time!!!! Excitement. We felt like complete lard bums though because we were nearly dying after doing about 10 minutes exercise! Still, I suppose that is why we're there, and looking at some people makes you feel better about yourself. However I am looking forward to losing my enormous gut and being toned and trim within months. Ha...

Work was a lot more boring than usual, with an incredible lack of tippage completing my package of tediousness for the day. The customers were irritating me a lot more than normal today as well, which was nice. Like the woman who complained because she was given a pint of shandy rather than a half - oh no!! not MORE than you've paid for!!

Anyway I have to go cos Tom wants the computer...


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Saturday morning...

Well morning folks, how are we all doing? I'm quite tired due to going to bed at 2:45 last night. Argh! I went to the pub with my friends and then went to the remainder of Tom's gig. It was fun though.

I have nothing to do today! Woohoo!

Why is it so easy to forget to do our quiet times?? If you think about it, anything else we really want to do gets done. Yet we find it so easy to not spend time with God. If you think about the amount of time per day we actually spend completely dedicated to learning more about and talking to and listening to God, it's so minimal compared to what we spend doing everything else. And yet we say it's the most important thing in our life. And it is, but we are just so illogical that we don't prioritise it half as much as we should! Humans are just so irrational. It's the same with sin. I've been reading in Proverbs about how sin is so destructive and gets you nowhere, whilst following God's word gets you everywhere - we know this but yet we don't live like it! We're constantly being almost magnetically attracted to sin even though we are fully aware the consequences can only be negative... it's bizarre, and horrific. Thank God for grace!

Anyway, sorry if that sounded negative. Genuinely though, the more we appreciate our own patheticness, the more we can appreciate God's immense love and mercy!

So on that positive note I will leave you.


Friday, August 13, 2004

Morning everyone.

Well unfortunately in the last couple of days I have become slightly ill - this never happens to me so I am quite annoyed. Symptoms include raised temperature, sore throat and now a cold. Joy! Mind you working quite as much as I am can't help that much.

I had my hair cut yesterday, which inspired much laughter in the life of my brother. He described it as, amongst other things, 'the funniest thing he had seen in his life' and 'a car crash'. It is totally different but most people like it including me, which is what most matters, so... nerrrr.

Also I had it done at Essensuals and they asked me if I would be able to be a one-off model for one of their stylists for Toni + Guy in London! It would be well cool if I actually got to do it!

I am managing to keep up my quiet times which is good. On a friend's advice I am studying the first few sections of Proverbs, about the importance of keeping and loving God's law. It's really good. I'm just finding it difficult to decide how to make good decisions about still honouring God whilst being with my non-Christian friends. For example, because I've struggled with not drinking too much when I'm out with them, should I give up drinking altogether, or just try to stick to drinking in moderation? Should I give up clubbing altogether because of the things it tends to go along with? Should I simply avoid seeing my friends? Clearly not, but I need to think and pray about how to make good decisions...

Must go now, no doubt will update this tomorrow...


Thursday, August 12, 2004

This is approximately my third attempt at a blog. I gave up because I found it boring, and if I found it boring to talk about my life, I can't imagine how bored everyone else was. However a couple of people have asked me to start it up again, and given they are people very dear to me, I thought I would oblige!

Anyway, I haven't got anything particularly interesting to say right now, apart from I'd like to take a minute to pay tribute to the great invention that is the paracetamol ---->


And now a moment to laugh at the Americans for having banned it ----->


So I'll see you all later.