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Saturday, August 21, 2004

Happy days

Hello! Well I haven't written here for a few days and a lot has happened so here goes...

I'll start off with Thursday. As you probably know it was the day the A level results came out! I've never been so scared of any results in my entire life. As we walked to college my stomach was churning... I'm the kind of person who puts a lot of pressure on myself which doesn't help either. When I got the envelope I could hardly open it - for a few minutes I just stood there looking at it, but Tom reminded me that the results wouldn't change in the next few minutes, so I opened it... As I saw 2As for English Literature and Politics I hardly dared to hope I could have got an A for History! And then I couldn't even find the History paper so I was desperately looking for it, but eventually I found it and lo and behold it had another A written on it!!!! I could not believe it. All I can say is, God is good. It is such a relief having stressed for the last two years and spent the whole summer waiting! Yay!

And then it was on to London with Tom, Mum and Dad to watch the cricket. This was such a cool day out. We got there a bit late cos of the results but the rest of the day made up for it. England were batting and despite my cricketing ignorance (Tom was very patient with me) I had such a good time. Mum and Dad had also made a well nice lunch complete with (very) chilled bottle of white wine and other beverages to celebrate which was lovely! England of course rinsed the Windies and best of all I got to see Flintoff play so my day was made.

Then in the evening out to celebrate... most of college was out in Brighton that night... I was really worried before I went that I'd do something stupid but with prayer and the Holy Spirit I managed to have a good time and not drink too much or do anything else silly! We went clubbing and then Dan was around so I met up with him and had this massive chat about the Bible and stuff. All in all it was a great end to a fantastic day. Woohoo!

Then yesterday we met up with some Carey friends at their house in Downe, which was lovely, and one of them being a chef the lunch was delicious! We went for a nice country walk which was cool, and then we were about to go home and Mum and Dad SPONTANEOUSLY invited them back to our house for dinner (we had to go back home cos I was working). So we all came back here, and then work was good - I had a 'job chat' yesterday morning so I was all motivated, and my tips were pretty good as well - they have been rubbish for the last few weeks but seem to be picking up recently :)

So yes, life is good, and God is amazing. I am all happy. Congratulations to everyone else who got results!

Bec x


  • Many Congratulations on your results Bec!! Didn't realise you had a blog of your own til you mentioned it on the Carey Teens. =)

    By Blogger PeteJa, at 2:48 am  

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