Are you comfortably numb?

Tuesday, August 17, 2004


Yes I am very tired. Well today was an important day - me and Becky went gymming for the first time!!!! Excitement. We felt like complete lard bums though because we were nearly dying after doing about 10 minutes exercise! Still, I suppose that is why we're there, and looking at some people makes you feel better about yourself. However I am looking forward to losing my enormous gut and being toned and trim within months. Ha...

Work was a lot more boring than usual, with an incredible lack of tippage completing my package of tediousness for the day. The customers were irritating me a lot more than normal today as well, which was nice. Like the woman who complained because she was given a pint of shandy rather than a half - oh no!! not MORE than you've paid for!!

Anyway I have to go cos Tom wants the computer...



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