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Friday, August 13, 2004

Morning everyone.

Well unfortunately in the last couple of days I have become slightly ill - this never happens to me so I am quite annoyed. Symptoms include raised temperature, sore throat and now a cold. Joy! Mind you working quite as much as I am can't help that much.

I had my hair cut yesterday, which inspired much laughter in the life of my brother. He described it as, amongst other things, 'the funniest thing he had seen in his life' and 'a car crash'. It is totally different but most people like it including me, which is what most matters, so... nerrrr.

Also I had it done at Essensuals and they asked me if I would be able to be a one-off model for one of their stylists for Toni + Guy in London! It would be well cool if I actually got to do it!

I am managing to keep up my quiet times which is good. On a friend's advice I am studying the first few sections of Proverbs, about the importance of keeping and loving God's law. It's really good. I'm just finding it difficult to decide how to make good decisions about still honouring God whilst being with my non-Christian friends. For example, because I've struggled with not drinking too much when I'm out with them, should I give up drinking altogether, or just try to stick to drinking in moderation? Should I give up clubbing altogether because of the things it tends to go along with? Should I simply avoid seeing my friends? Clearly not, but I need to think and pray about how to make good decisions...

Must go now, no doubt will update this tomorrow...



  • I know that some famous reformed theologian or other reads a chapter of Proverbs every day of the month and starts again each month... my Dad does too... :-)

    By Blogger Jon, at 7:52 pm  

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