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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

olympian events

Basically, i think this olympics has been a bit of a fiasco. first of all the enormous fuss over all the drug-taking, to which there never seems to be a satisfactory solution - you wonder just how many of them AREN'T doing it - and now all the judging discrepancies, appeals, re-appeals and remarking that is going on (or not, in the case of the Korean gymnast cruelly robbed of his gold by the medal-impoverished nation that is the US). It just seems to add an unpleasant tinge to the whole thing, rather like a stew which has slightly too much pepper in it.

Continuing on the Olympic note, I find the whole concept of professional competitive sporting events bizarre, especially having just done my A levels. It is so the opposite of everything academic. And having just joined the gym and realised my own negative levels of fitness I have a newfound respect for all the Olympic athletes. Especially those who do long and middle distance. More power to Kelly Holmes - what a sweetie! However I just wanted to give Paula Radcliffe a big fat hug - how gutting.

Anyway must go, my dinner is ready. Woohoo!

Bye x


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