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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Saturday morning...

Well morning folks, how are we all doing? I'm quite tired due to going to bed at 2:45 last night. Argh! I went to the pub with my friends and then went to the remainder of Tom's gig. It was fun though.

I have nothing to do today! Woohoo!

Why is it so easy to forget to do our quiet times?? If you think about it, anything else we really want to do gets done. Yet we find it so easy to not spend time with God. If you think about the amount of time per day we actually spend completely dedicated to learning more about and talking to and listening to God, it's so minimal compared to what we spend doing everything else. And yet we say it's the most important thing in our life. And it is, but we are just so illogical that we don't prioritise it half as much as we should! Humans are just so irrational. It's the same with sin. I've been reading in Proverbs about how sin is so destructive and gets you nowhere, whilst following God's word gets you everywhere - we know this but yet we don't live like it! We're constantly being almost magnetically attracted to sin even though we are fully aware the consequences can only be negative... it's bizarre, and horrific. Thank God for grace!

Anyway, sorry if that sounded negative. Genuinely though, the more we appreciate our own patheticness, the more we can appreciate God's immense love and mercy!

So on that positive note I will leave you.



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