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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Goooooooooooooood morning!

Well yesterday I did go out and ended up buying lots of clothes! Oh it was fun! I rarely go shopping so a little bit of retail therapy is in order now and then. Went with Becky which was nice, hadn't seen her for a while. She's only just passed her driving test though and travelling with her is an experience which very much reminds me of me when I passed - scary! Haha.

Work was alright last night, muchos tips were made on the PDQ, which is good cos it means I can't spend them so quickly! Although unfortunately it looks like Tom is going to nick what I made in cash as he needs to borrow money for some posh lunch he's going to in London... I ask you. Unfortunately we have cashflow problems as the accounts we applied for haven't actually posted us our cards yet so we have to buy food and stuff with our own money (well, my own money. Tom doesn't seem to have any, like, ever). It's great.

Today is my favourite day in the week... (if you haven't worked out that's sarcasm you will have by the end of this paragraph). I do a split shift - I think I've already mentioned them before on here - and in the middle I do Zig-Zag. Joyous is one word to describe it. Disastrous is another, take your pick. However I do have fun with the little tikes so I can't complain. Quote from child: how many children do you have Bec? Me: how old do you think I am?! Child: 27? Me: hmmph.

I also need to do my homework for the course, I realise time is rapidly running out! Not to mention the HUGE pile of ironing behind me as we speak. If only we didn't need to sleep. Although I love sleeping, so that would just be silly.

Wow I've really rambled on about nothing in particular. Amazing!

C u all later!



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