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Tuesday, September 28, 2004

I have to admit it's getting better


Thanks for everyone's concern over the last post. I am happy to tell you that things are indeed improving, but I have to do that quickly cos I'm already teetering on the brink of being late for work!

The main news is that my boss is changing my shifts as of next week to the ones I've asked for!! So I'll have Wednesday, Thursday AND Sunday off, as well as Saturday night. Oh fantastic.

Also I realise that even though I may feel my Gap year is not turning out quite as I planned, I definitely know God wanted me to take one. I was always certain I wasn't supposed to go to university this year. And I know God will grow me somehow in this year even if it is mainly through doing talks at Zig Zag, getting to know church people more and learning to cope with running a household - things which don't seem so exciting to those swanning off to Thailand etc! So I'm happy to wait and see what his purpose is in this. :)

So I am feeling better, despite being struck down with a cold right now!

Thank you for all your prayers

Bec xx

P.S. more people should comment on this!


  • Relieved to see this. When you are down, we are down too.

    Glad that work will be more manageable from next week.

    We have been finding Joshua 1 very helpful these days: we need to be strong and courageous in keeping God's commandments -because it's hard.

    Love from Mum

    By Blogger Andrew and Cora, at 1:51 pm  

  • good to hear bec - also hope your big fat cold has all but gone now. talk soon no doubt x

    By Blogger Simon, at 12:29 am  

  • Well, I'm glad to read it, now.

    May He be showing you all His purpouses concerning your life and specially work and gap year. Juxt be patient.

    Will continue with the prayers, don't worry.

    Luv ya, Miss ya.

    See ya. xx

    By Blogger Juxt, at 5:03 am  

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