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Saturday, November 06, 2004

God has his plan... the information's unavailable to the mortal man?

Enough of all this politics stuff! It's time for another ramble. I'm in a really going out mood but unfortunately have just got home from work and am faced with having to go to bed in a while. So my only outlet for my frustration is here - ooh I bet all you lucky readers are on tenterhooks waiting for the literary treat that awaits you!

There's so much to ramble about... where to start.

Tonight was bonfire night. As is usual for a pub worker on this night, the pub is basically quiet all evening till about 9:30, when all the people who have been to the Lindfield bonfire decide to go for a drink before heading home. Result: you make no money, and have cleared the whole pub down when a load of people come and make it all messy again. Oh well!

Things that are really annoying:

1) You're trying to peel a sticker off something and just when you think you've managed it it tears down the middle.
2) You get a missed call on your mobile and it's from 'no number'.
3) A DVD jumps in the middle of your favourite scene and cleaning it by rubbing it on your cotton t-shirt doesn't work.
4) DJs get things ridiculously wrong: "And that's the latest from Outkast, an amazing NEW BAND don't you think"
5) People who haven't heard of John Peel.
6) Women in couples who, when you offer them sauces when waitressing, say about their husbands, "Ooh he's got enough of his own already!" HO HO HO HAVEN'T HEARD THAT ONE BEFORE! Tell it again, do!
7) Labels on clothes that itch but when you cut them out they itch even more.
8) Apostrophes in the wrong place!!!! And bad grammar in general. Stuff like this really annoy's me. In fact people who do these thing's should be locked up. There all really annoying.
9) Needing the loo and being thirsty AT THE SAME TIME. I mean what's that about!
10) Drivers who brake before they indicate!

Okay enough of that.

They call it call it call it call it... HIP HOP HIP HOP HIP HOP...

Do you ever feel like life is a dream? Like you're just going through the motions, day after day, for no reason... sometimes when I'm on the treadmill at the gym I think, this is what life is for most people. Is life like that for me? Am I just doing the same things over and over, occasionally with slightly variations, having enough of a good time to keep going? And then you think, actually, there's another whole massive spiritual realm out there, and I'm part of it, and we all are. But you look around you and you see all these people who have little or no concept of it... and you think... wow this is like a huge massive conspiracy. We are all pawns in a game most of us have no tangible experience of. But not pawns... because the game-maker loves us. Sometimes I just want to yell really loudly about how this isn't all there is, this isn't all that life holds for us, this isn't IT. But everything around us is so touchable, so smellable, so seeable, that most of us can't even contemplate the concept of it just being a mere shadow of what is to come. How bizarre.

And on that philosophical note I will leave you... goodnight.


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