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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Guten Morgan

I'm feeling really happy at the moment. Things are on track. My spiritual life is moving forwards not backwards, by the grace of God. Have been thinking a lot about how gracious God is recently. I don't mean that in a vague 'oh isn't God good' way, in a real, thinking about how disgusting we are, and how God loves us anyway... and loves loving us. It blows my mind. I think going through Hosea has been really helpful. Perhaps because the illustration of an adulterous wife/husband is really incredibly tangible for us, and so when our relationship with God is placed in that context, we come to a new realisation of how much our sin grieves and angers God.

When I think about all the times I have 'cheated on God', I find it unbelievable that he would take me back time and time again, and it's a bit scary thinking that, because a part of you thinks 'suppose eventually it's one time too many'. But amazingly it will never be one time too many.

I've started doing some publicity for the crisis pregnancy centre, which has so far involved visiting pubs and asking to stick stickers on the back of the girls' loo doors. Truly PUBlicity! Sorry... anyway, it went really well on Saturday, although I only had time to visit 4 pubs. Only 1 said no, 1 said they'd keep the stickers and check with their managers, and the other 2 were very enthusiastic... but I was particularly pleased because those 2 are the ones that are most likely to have people in there to whom these issues are most relevant. V. worthwhile. The quest continues!

Well I've successfully wasted about half an hour here, I ought to get going. Busy day ahead of me!

Now playing: Vivaldi - The Four Seasons - Spring (great song to wake up to!)


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