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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Man, why do I get the urge to post when I SO need my bed?

I don't know. Anyway here I am. I think I need to dust this place, I'm wiping my finger along the virtual shelves and it's not looking pretty.

So, due to popular demand (no, I'm not kidding, which is surely a glitch in the system), here's a new post. I much object to being labelled on a certain blog as someone who accuses others of not having anything worthwhile to post, as I like to think I take the prize for posts least worthy of posting.

See, this is what happens when I write posts at this time of night... they are both incomprehensible, gratuituously long, and generally a waste of time, both for reader and writer. Rather like most articles in the Daily Telegraph. (If you're reading, sorry Granddad).

I know you all are dying to know what fun and games I have been up to, but I'm not going to tell you, because I can't be bothered and it's boring. Suffice to say, everything is fine. I finished my training course yesterday. I'm really going to miss everyone. And I can't say I feel fully trained, but oh well - tis the end of an era. On the up side I'm going to go along to my first school's work session tomorrow with a lady who works with the pregnancy crisis centre I'm involved with. The schools work involves going into classes of mainly year 10s, and talking with them about pregnancy, abortion, when life begins etc. It's very interactive; I've seen examples of the talks and they're fantastic. And this kind of work is right up my street so I'm quite excited about it. I just hope the little blighters don't get too mouthy, I might feel murderous urges surging through my veins. After all they are in year 10, the stage where you think you know everything because you're doing your GCSEs which are 'proper' exams. Obviously I'm well past that stage, being NINETEEN and all.

It's not long till we make the voyage over to the glorious land which is the southern hemisphere, meaning - yes - heat! Woohoo. Although with my new winter coat (yes it's better than yours Si) I am snuggly warm, all the time (or 24/7 as the kids on the block now say). And in case I haven't told you (unlikely if you've ever met me in your entire life), the lining is detachable so I can wear it in the summer too! Anyway, yes I'm definitely looking forward to going to see the old parental units. In my previous words I just want to get a tan and eat lots - two things I'm pretty good at. I think it won't be that hard to do them. Woohoo!

Tom's just come in and said 'yayyyy, you're posting'. Well what can I say, just one example of the verbal fan mail I receive. My fans are also internationally based, in places like Brazil. Wow... my fame is indeed massive.

Work has been a bit crap recently, what with loads of issues between employers, employees, employees and employees. If you can make sense of that sentence I applaud you. In fact one could say you could make it a 'sensence'. Oh dear, it really is 12:45 am. Anyway to cut a long story short on the work front, two certain employees are making life rather difficult. But I have decided to stay there. Well, it has been decided for me that I am going to stay there, mainly because there aren't any other good jobs available. Speaking of which, had a cracker from a customer today:

Scene: 4 fairly old people, well mid 60s anyway, obviously out for nice lunch to celebrate something or other.

Me: carrying 3 very hot plates, 2 of which contain gammon - one gammon hock, one gammon steak.

Me: Gammon? (I forgot there were 2.)

2 elderly men: *both put hands up*

Me: Gammon hock?

2 elderly men: *both put hands up*

Me: The hock?

Elderly woman: Oh, that's BOB'S.

My thoughts: I don't know who Bob is.

Woman: Yes, that's Bob's, the hock's for Bob.

My thoughts: I DON'T KNOW WHO BOB IS.

Bob eventually puts his hand up and hot dish is deposited in his place.

Bec's hands: burnt to a crisp.

Well I exaggerate but you get the pic.

Enough is enough, I am tired and have a manic day tomorrow.

Goodnight my children.



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