Are you comfortably numb?

Thursday, November 25, 2004

Pain is good, when it comes to exercise

...or so I keep telling myself. Yes, that feeling of your muscles burning, your lungs about to burst, your breath short and your face grimaced, is indeed healthy.

I went to my first schools work session yesterday with a lady called Jan from the centre. Unfortunately it went a bit wrong, because, as Jan had warned me, the teacher whose class we were visiting likes to do things 'her way'. Although she was very nice and a good teacher, she didn't let us do any of the actual schools work format, which I personally think is excellent. She sort of just asked the class questions and referred them to Jan when she didn't know the answers, which was a bit of a waste of time, frankly. But at least she seems quite anti-abortion and also has a 'young mums' scheme where teenage mums come in and talk about their crisis pregancies and why they decided to keep the babies. It was a bit annoying that I didn't get to see the actual format in practice, but it was still good experience. Weird going back to school as a visitor though, especially given how we used to crucify many of our guests at secondary school.

Anyway that's just a quick update of life. Will write more later.

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