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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Saturday kitchen

Or as it should be known, how to make the greasiest food known to man, ever, in the whole history of the world.

I switched on the TV hoping to find some light entertainment on a Saturday morn, or at least an interesting historical documentary on UKTV history (that wasn't about Hitler, the Nazis, Hitler, Germany, the Second World War, Hitler, or the Nazis), but being faced with disappointment decided I would have to watch Saturday Kitchen whilst I consumed my breakfast of Alpen and a cup of tea (not in the same bowl I hasten to add). I quite like watching the cooking progs. now and then as they do tend to give you inspiration. However, I was disgusted at what I saw! In fact it's still on now. Anthony WT is just POURING oil, butter, grease and lard into the saucepans WILLY NILLY, without a thought to heart or arteries. Why can't they show you how to cook healthy stuff that still tastes nice? I know some would think this is a contradiction in terms...

Anyway, enough whinging about Saturday telly. Friday night telly was great last night! In an amazing flash of brilliance my boss asked me to work Saturday night instead of Friday night. So that meant I had Friday night AND Saturday day off! SPICEWORLD! So in the spirit of spending an evening in a worthwhile way I slumped in front of the box for the evening. After slaving away over a hot stove and doing 3 weeks' worth of ironing, in case you think I am a complete couch potato. And I have to say, Friday night TV is AMAZING. The banter! The wit! The informative jokes! Have I Got News for You is THE BEST. And once again Ian Hislop couldn't help but reveal his pro-Christian attitude... Paul Merton, making a joke about an alternative version of Christianity which involved Jesus not dying on the cross, referred to this as a 'happy ending'. "Grhgmmph", is I think an accurate description of the noise I made on hearing this, but quick as a flash Hislop responded, "there is more you know... he comes back from the dead", leading Christians everywhere to breathe a sigh of relief as Merton's point went not unchallenged.

Anyway, you can tell I've not been awake for very long, if all I can spout on about is television. England versus Australia later. Oooooh the tension. It should be good.

On the Christmas note, I think I may actually boycott the Christmas services. Not as a permanent decision, but a trial run to see if I feel comfortable with it. See, that's probably the only way that people will get to know of your discomfort and then actually think through the issues themselves. And at least then it means I take a consistent stance on the issue. I hate inconsistency. Although I suppose we are all inconsistent when it comes to any beliefs on deep issues. Such as sweat shops. And taxes.

Enough rambling. Must get on. Sorry this has been the most useless post I've ever written!

Now playing: Gary Rhodes and Anthony Worrall Thompson - How to Double Your Cholesterol in 30 Days!


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