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Friday, December 10, 2004

The spirit

So I said a while ago I would explain why Nick's Bible Study on the spirit was so good, so I will attempt to here.

It focused first on the difference between spirit and body, and also on how the Bible's use of the words spirit and soul is interchangable. We also started off by looking at the 3 views of the nature of man in terms of his spirit, soul and body (triochotomy, dichotomy and monism, of which the latter is Biblical). We then did a quick paperchase of how the words spirit and soul are used, in what contexts.

What I found most amazing about the study was...

1) Thinking about how unnatural the reign of death is. We were not supposed to be like this! We are constantly dying, the actual extinguishing of life is just an 'extreme expression of death'.

2) Death is not a reversal of existence, it is only a reversal of life. I found this amazing. I just hadn't really thought about it before. It's such a contrast to the worldview found in secular society, particularly with the issues of abortion and euthanasia being chucked around like hot potatoes at the moment. Particularly coming from the angle of abortion, it made me acutely aware that even if you kill a baby in the womb its existence continues. Scary, and serious. The sanctity of life is so much more than that. Even a fertilised egg, if one believes in life from conception, if killed by the morning after pill (and versions of the ordinary pill), can carry on existing.

3) Another reason death is so unnatural is because it is unnatural for us to be without bodies, which we are for a while when we die, until we gain our resurrected new bodies. This makes sense of why death is still a horrible thought (aside from the pain or whatever) even if we are Christians.

4) Death came into the world and rules beacause of sin. Spiritual death is an inability to respond to God or to see his glory. This part gave me a whole new insight into the crossing from death into life. It makes so much more sense now... even though our bodies are still rotting away and reigned by death (which in turn explains why we still have to fight with sin! See Romans 7) our spirit is alive and has been set free from the reign of death in order to respond to God and acknowledge his glory. And this is why we are going to have new bodies - so no part of us will be subject to the reign of sin!

Hallelujah! The whole study just opened up my perspectives so much... it's so easy to get caught up in which carpet looks best or which earrings we should wear... forget that, the spiritual realm is so much bigger and REALER and more IMPORTANT! So we should really start living in the good of this... I know myself that I have a long way to go and the sinful desires of the flesh are all too powerful. What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God - through Jesus Christ our Lord!


  • Thanks for that Bec. Glad you found it so helpful.

    By Blogger Cora, at 3:54 pm  

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