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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely lonely time

...but I'm back. Back, with different coloured skin, a new penchant for posting, and a story to tell. If you didn't know, I spent the last month in Brasil, generally doing nothing, going to the beach, and having a good time. I was sad to leave and now I am back in the sunny heights of Haywards Heath I am wondering whether it wasn't such a good idea to burn my passport and stay there. On the other hand, it is good being back - I thoroughly missed everyone here.

I went back to work yesterday, which was great for all of 2 seconds, until everything got all stressful, with a new employee stealing my tip and then lying to me about it! Was not impressed - in a restaurant, that's like the lowest of the low - cheating one of your fellow underpaid co-workers out of hard-earned cash. Tips are a sensitive issue but that is one BIG no-no. Hopefully it won't be long till he gets fired or chooses to leave because he realises he is going to be fired.

Good news on the car front - MOT and service only cost about 80 squid altogether and realised the tax doesn't actually need paying till June! Cashback! Am celebrating by going clubbing twice this week, woohoo. I NEED TO DANCE! I had to resort to dancing round the lounge in Brasil on my own in bare feet: things were desperate.

Anyway, Brasil. Yes, it was very hot, and mum and dad are fine, and it was great seeing everyone. After 18 months not being there I fell in love with Floripa once more. There's nothing quite like driving back from the continent at night with the bridge lit up in the distance and the city winking at you over the water. And I fell in love with the culture as well; there are so many good things about it. Did miss some things about our culture though. Like listening to hip hop all the time. And sarcasm. And whinging customers.. oh no wait.

Now the next big thing to happen in life will be Uni. Ooooh, scary! Speaking of which should really get my application form sorted for accommodation shouldn't I? (That's a rhetorical question Mum.)

Right, well I'd better leave it here - just thought I'd make an appearance. For those of you who still read this, hello to all 3 of you.

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