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Sunday, August 28, 2005


Hi everyone.

1) Sorry if you don't like the new layout of the blog. It's what comes from having no job and no money, and way too much free time on your hands.

2) We're going away till Wednesday to Wales as of tomorrow, which will explain the lack of posting.

3) I am severely disappointed by the lack of comment on my blog. Even if you have something critical to say and you'd rather say it just to me, please email me or something. I need feedback people!

Anyway, hope you're all having fun and games, I will post more when I am back.

Ta-ra. x


  • I'm liking the new layout, especially the background picture - very cool! Though the white on black text does hurt my eyes while reading through the longer posts, it's probably just me and too high a resolution or something.
    Ahh sunny Wales, what better place to be? There's the hills, and the sheep, and the... hills. Hope you have a good time!
    I'm sure alot of people are like me and read your blog but rarely comment, but I can assure you it's top quality content! ;)

    By Blogger PeteJa, at 2:45 am  

  • pj: You forgot the rain.
    bec: Hi!

    By Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz), at 5:01 pm  

  • I would just like to comment that this is the first time I (/or Liz) have read your blog!

    By Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz), at 11:13 pm  

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