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Friday, August 26, 2005

Boys (or girls?) and their toys

Hi everyone. I got my laptop yesterday, and my new stereo! I realised the other day that I actually need some form of computer for university, a) because my halls are miles away from campus and b) because that's my main way of communicating with Mum and Dad. So I spent some of my hard-earned cash on (the cheapest possible, while still being good) laptop. While I was at it I saw a 20 quid stereo on the same website (ebuyer - I recommend it). I also really needed a stereo as I have no other way of listening to music (not even a walkman or discman or iPod or anything). For 20 quid, however, I thought, must be rubbish. Then I read all the reviews and thought well, they're all raving about it, so for 20 quid I might as well go for it, as I'm not going to find anything cheaper. That arrived yesterday as well, and guess what, it's amazing! Obviously, being a girl, my favourite feature is the amazingly cool blue lights that characterise the display screen and CD player, not to mention the remote control! (The music quality is also good - in fact Tom said he may buy one himself so I think that says it all.) All we need now is a wireless hub to connect all our laptops to the internet... then posts galore will abound on Are You Comfortably Numb?


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