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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

High Society - Ben Elton

Has anyone else read this? I've been on a bit of a Ben Elton bender recently, having read Popcorn, Dead Famous, Inconceivable, Blast from the Past and High Society (in that order) in the last year or so. I'm a big fan of his writing style. He manages to be cynical, hilarious and pack an emotional punch all at the same time - particularly the case in Inconceivable, a true-ish story about a couple who can't have kids.

Anyway, I've just finished High Society and it's about the great drugs debate. That is, whether we should legalise all recreational drugs or not. I can't really tell if Elton actually supports that view (as his main character, a backbench MP named Peter Paget, does) or if he's just being cynical about everything, apart from the desperate plight of those who do actually get hooked on serious drugs with tragic consequences. Nevertheless, it's a really good book, and like all Elton's material, gets you thinking, which is never a bad thing.

If anyone here hates Big Brother and gets very frustrated by it, I recommend Dead Famous, by the way. It's one of those books that expresses everything you think about something and makes you feel better just because you know someone agrees with you and is articulate enough to formulate a cogent argument with which you can completely identify.

Anyway, anyone else read any of his stuff? Opinions, comments? And the original point of this post was going to be, where do you stand on the drugs debate, and why? If I have any response I'll post some of Elton's arguments to get the discussion going!


  • I've read Popcorn, Stark and ... erm, what's the one about cars? He has matured from a stand-up comic writing down his routine (which was pretty much what Stark felt like - very funny, but not great writing) to a talented writer - and I'm more convinced by his novels than his stage plays - which have tongue apparently so far in cheek that you can't actually tell. Popcorn, the most recent of those three, was a bit of a gruelling read - but it made some serious and thoughtful points.

    By Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz), at 3:20 pm  

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