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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Long time no post

I will attempt to summarise various areas of my life quickly, if that is possible.

...was fantastic. We had a great time with our friends (the Runcimans, who we know from Carey). The scenery was amazing as well - I'd hardly been to South Wales before, having been mountain climbing in Snowdonia several times, but it was gorgeous. Went on a few short walks and visited a castle, amongst other things (such as aerobics on the landing and loads of games of sardines, not to mention the infamous poetry consequences...)

Birmingham Church Weekend
...was fantastic. I was a bit nervous beforehand, but everyone was really friendly and welcoming. The teaching was really good, by Bernard and Linda Lewis. God really spoke to me. It was good to get to know the Lewises too (they are from our mission and work in Papua New Guinea). All in all the weekend made me look forward to uni, and reassured me that I will be looked after, but I also found it quite scary because it made it really real that I'm actually going. Which brings us on to...

...I am leaving in 2 weeks and 1 day (September 21st). I had to choose my course options yesterday and have had loads of post from them about everything from timetables to how much drinks cost. I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed and scared about it, but I have to keep thinking that God is in control and he will look after me. Plus, I am actually really excited. I kind of just want to get there now, rather than waiting and wondering. My course still looks really interesting. I had to choose from over 20 modules for my first History research option this term. My number one choice eventually ended up being research into how Theology and Science diverged, with Galileo as a case study. Studies on Jack the Ripper and outlaws and bandits, not to mention the French Revolution, also appealed... isn't History great!

So there you go - that's a quick update. No time for random ramblings today I'm afraid, but I'm sure the fancy will take me again soon.

P.S. Just re-read this and realised that Theology and Science never actually diverged, people just think they did. What I meant was how the church and science diverged, as Theology used to be seen as 'The Queen of Sciences' but is clearly no longer. Also, the poster below is something I did today - I really enjoyed it, just thought I would post it on here because I have nothing better to do. I'm just practicing for being a student, you see.


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