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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Learning... a wonderful thing. I'm just writing an essay on Plato ('Why does Plato argue that rulers should be philosophers?) which is a lot to do with the concept of learning and of loving learning. This is something which has struck me many times since I've been at university. When I go into the library, I often get stuck in a queue of people using the machines to get books out. Despite sometimes having to wait for ages, I get a little shiver of excitement when I see just how many subjects people are studying, how many books have been written on these subjects and just how interesting everything looks. Being at university, a place dedicated entirely to learning, makes me realise just how brilliant the world is. There is an infinite amount to be studied and investigated. There is a limitless number of questions to be asked. We will never tire of learning. And whatever you study, whether it be micro-biology or African studies, it is all just so interesting. Those who say certain subjects are boring are boring themselves, to quote a wise man (my father). I never really understood this until recently. How amazing that our minds are built with the capacity to ask and to reason, to use the power of logic and to seek answers.

P.S. I may force myself to read this post again when I'm in the middle of my finals!


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