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Friday, November 11, 2005

Return of the Bec

Hello! Sorry for the incredibly long delay in posting, but I did something only a fool can - left my laptop behind in Haywards Heath (accidentally of course, before someone says, 'Why?'). After much ado and hassle, DHL finally delivered the goods... phew. So, although I can't write much now, this is just a short note to say - I'm alive, and well (despite being 95% of the way through American Psycho). Must run now, am greatly anticipating the idea of being allowed to exit the confines of Hunter Court, and more specifically, my flat, which grows kinda boring after hours cooped up here waiting for said DHL man to ring on my doorbell (a la the White Stripes). So, without further rambling and no doubt having confused many of you with strange references already, I shall say adieu and farewell. Fear not, I will bestow a lengthy post upon you soonish. Tchau-tchau, my dears.


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