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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A Christmas Letter from Middle England

Dear All,

It's hard to believe yet another year has flown by! A whole year ago we were gift-wrapping the children's iPods and placing the wreath on the front door. Well, it's been an eventful year, but what can you expect with a family like ours! We just thought we'd let all our friends know how we are and what we've been up to.

One of the most exciting events of the year was our holiday to France, skiing. We went over the New Year and had a wonderful time. The hotel was brilliant, and the kids just loved it. Humphrey particularly picked up skiing very well and was doing the black run after just 3 days! He now wants to do snowboarding.

Bob's been very busy with work. He's just won three awards for being the best management consultant in the world, but he doesn't like to talk about it! He's also just got a not-too-shabby bonus for Christmas following his nomination as 'Best Employee of the Millennium' which has allowed us to buy a replacement run-around car for me to use (just a Golf 1.8 gti, nothing special! The landrover was getting a bit past it).

The children are doing very well. Annabel has just passed her Grade 56 on the bassoon, while Humphrey is working on his Grade 38 euphonium. They both love reading! Favourites are 'The Iliad' and 'Crime and Punishment', although Annabel is more into Nietzsche than Dostoyevsky. Humphrey also ran the 100m in 8.545 seconds the other day - he is quite the athlete. Annabel on the other hand is more into art and has recently dislayed some of her work in an exhibition at the Tate.

Our second holiday was also a highlight - Barbados this time - a bit of a step down from the Seychelles but more than tolerable. Of course the children picked up the surfing straight away!

We also celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary whilst on holiday - I'm so glad we've got this far, especially with so many people failing at marriage these days! We really are so lucky.

I continue to be busy, doing my job 120 hours a week, keeping the house nice and clean and looking after the children whilst doing my charity work. But it is just SO worthwhile volunteering to help other people. Not that I like to talk about it, one must just get on with it, really.

Anyway, I've written far too much - again! I do hope this finds you well. Have a lovely Christmas, and a Happy New Year.

Lots of love

The Waltons


  • 'Ya, ya, that was absoluuuutely amaaaaazing! You're exactly right! The scene in Birmingham must be soooo fresh.' YOU LOVE IT!

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