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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Seven Things

Seven things
From Tom

Seven things to do before I die (as the seconds tick away – tick, tock, tick tock [Bill Bailey])

1. Have kids
2. Do a job I enjoy and that enables me not to be homeless and hungry
3. Go completely mad and run across a beach or a mountain shouting/singing/doing whatever I want, with no care or concern for what anyone else might think and with total abandon
4. Cook a good coq au vin
5. Go and eat at a RIDICULOUSLY expensive restaurant and have to dress up and everything
6. Have thought through most of my strongly held views and modified them accordingly
7. Know more about wine.

Seven things I cannot do

1. Know what it feels like to be kicked in the nads
2. Compete in the World Cup
3. Fly
4. Read any book I have already read for the first time. Which sucks.
5. Meet George Best.
6. Discover electricity.
7. Have an older brother or sister.

Seven things that I like in my parents

1. They smacked me.
2. They have good taste in books/music/film (for the most part)
3. They've never pressured me into doing anything education-wise or career-wise - or just anything really.
4. They've always told me I'm gorgeous even when I blatantly don't look it.
5. Curry.
6. They live in Brasil so I get to have great holidays.
7. They made growing up fun.

Seven things I say most often

1. It's the BEST
2. It's the WORST
3. A pint of Strongbow/double G&T/vodka & coke please
4. I can't do this FLIPPING essay
5. I missed my lecture/seminar (delete as appropriate)
6. I LOVE this SONG
7. Look at the SKY it's SOOOO pretty

Seven books (or series) I love (Bible not included)

1. John Steinbeck - the Grapes of Wrath
2. Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird
3. Joseph Heller - Catch 22
4. Kurt Vonnegut - Slaughterhouse 5
5. C.S. Lewis - the Narnia series
6. Susan Cooper - the 'Over Sea, Under Stone' series
7. Bret Easton Ellis - American Psycho

Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would watch over and over if I had the time)

1. Usual Suspects
2. American History X
3. Dead Poets' Society
4. Cry Freedom
5. Rear Window
6. Romeo and Juliet (Zeferelli not Luhrmann)
7. Silence of the Lambs


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