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Thursday, March 30, 2006


I've just been on the phone to 02 for a ridiculous amount of time. The first person I spoke to, a Scottish woman, was quite impressively unhelpful. The second person I spoke to, a Scottish man, was quite impressively helpful, but just as we were getting somewhere, the line went, and I couldn't remember his name. I phoned back and got another bloke, this time called Piers, and very English. Smarmy as they come. After well over 20 minutes of attempted negotiations, I managed to secure a contract that was vaguely suitable for my needs... vaguely being the operative word. The problem is that you can't have anything personalised. It's their tariff or nothing. You can't buy bolt-ons of minutes, only texts. And the worst thing, you can't upgrade from a 12-month to an 18-month contract, EVEN THOUGH THIS WOULD MAKE THEM MORE MONEY, just because, well, you can't.

They are astoundingly inflexible. I am seriously thinking of leaving them. But by the time I'm allowed to get out of my contract it will be a year from now and then I will probably just not be bothered to do anything about it. The evil fist of the corporation has beaten me into submission. And there was nothing Piers could do about it.

Furthermore, he asked me what I was 'reading' at uni, and I then found out that he read LAW at university. And yet he is still manning an O2 customer 'service' phone. Fantastic.


  • I love it! Studied Law at uni costing thousands of pounds, and then skips having to pay the loans back by claiming a minimum wage call centre job!

    By Blogger mrjohnfernandez, at 11:45 am  

  • I worked for an insurance company after doing my politics degree - their profits depended entirely upon customers feeling like they couldn't do anything about being ripped-off. Having studied a lot of John Rawls I felt ever so slightly compromised, but I buried my conscience beneath my minimum wage.

    The best is a girl on my MA - she studied the issue of Kurdish women's rights but has decided to go into modelling. Now that's fantastic!

    By Blogger Kieran, at 2:29 pm  

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