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Monday, March 13, 2006

Response to comments!

Hi everyone!

Well thanks very much for the feedback - it's good to have a little discussion going on. The reason I write is to instigate critical engagement and modify my opinions, which I am fully aware need refining.... so thank you.

By the way, I'd love it if you put your name at the bottom if you're posting anonymously, so if I know you I know where you're coming from!

Will: I agree that a lot of Africa's problems stem from corrupt governments, etc. However, to ignore the problems the first world have inflicted on areas of the developing world is wrong. Take the African cotton farmers' dispute with the WTO. How is it fair that the US government prevents the (very productive) cotton farmers from getting a global price for their produce, when southern US farmers get FOUR TIMES this amount because of subsidies? Not to mention general problems with the WTO with 'elite' countries getting far more of a say in what happens. And take Ethiopia - a government that wasn't corrupt under Meles, was in a relatively stable economic position, and the IMF refuses to lend them money because he won't implement neo-liberal policies (until Stiglitz fought and fought for them to change their minds). It's not all corrupt governments and civil war...

What I think of the cartoons stuff? Wrote a comment on it a while ago, will type it up and email you it.

Didn't see the Liddle Prog as don't have a Tv - my third eye is still wide open.

Second anonymous:
You're right about the song lyric - the result of busting out a piece at 8am on a saturday morning cos the fancy took me. haha. Still, i think 'thank God its them instead of you' is perhaps even worse. And about the PCD - I in no way said the women had been forced to sing that lyric. I'm saying even though they're women, they're being derogatory towards women (themselves?). The whole song lacks any respect between the sexes. My argument on this point, elaborated on in an equally dubiously argued article below on feminism, is that women have a seriously erroneous misconception on what it means to be 'empowered'. The PCD probably thought they were being all feminist by singing those ridiculous lyrics. I don't quite understand why you think that song is okay if you're against 'Milkshake' - they both seem to be suffering from the same problems.

Paul - maybe. I still think it's a pretty offensive song that masks its poorly expressed sentiments behind a veneer of equally poor music.

The main point in all of this seems to have been relatively lost amongst my bad argument. I am interested to know whether people agree with my general assertion - that offensive sentiments are in fact made acceptable through the medium of music?

Maybe I will re-write that article in a better way soon!



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