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Thursday, April 13, 2006

If you go your own way... you can call it another lonely day

Hello my pretties!

I have had a desperate desire to blog the past few days, as I haven't been able to. And now I can, well, I'm not sure the words are going to flow. I have as they say been living the life of Reilly recently (what does that even mean? Was Reilly a particularly sociable person? I assume so. Do you even spell it like that? Maybe it's Riley. Ah well). I have seen a large number of people which has been highly enjoyable, and included many a cup of tea/coffee/pint of Kronenburg Blanc (oh the sweet sweet nectar - eat your heart out Fosters).

As some of you know, the sentence on Jaswinder Singh, the man who apparently didn't kill Abigail Craen in a hit-and-run was passed last week. He was given 18 months. However, he only has to serve 9 and because he's already been in jail for 5 it ends up as 4. I can't find any explanation on the news as to why this is. Apparently he wasn't charged for death by dangerous driving but I don't really understand that as he pleaded guilty and handed himself in...

I'm hoping it'll be on the front page of Redbrick next term so I'll post my article on here when it's written.

In other news, I'm running for Editor of Redbrick, so if you're a student at the university, please come along and vote for me at the elections next term!

Don't have time to write more now, but will write a proper post soon.



  • You're running for Redbrick ed? Excellent - I won't have to read any more inane editorials (or go through them with a red pen).

    When's the vote? GC chamber or cross-campus?

    By Anonymous Simon Menashy, at 2:27 am  

  • In response to your question 'who is Reilly/Riley', Reilly was in fact the hero from an 1890 Pat Rooney song (probably no relation to Wayne). In the song, Reilly imagines what he is going to do once he hits it rich in New York, hence the expression 'living the life of Reilly'. So now you know...

    Check out

    By Anonymous Glassoman, at 8:06 pm  

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