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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Blogging is not my forté...

In fact, most of you have probably stopped reading this thing by now. Between last time and now I have had three exams, which went okay, apart from International Relations. Last one is on Tuesday (history). I cannot wait to finish.

On Blair
Blair allowed himself to be interviewed by Radio 1 today, a mistake he perhaps won't be making again. If you were looking for hard-hitting journalism cutting to the heart of issues concerning young people today, look somewhere else. Not only was the interviewer a Paxman wannabe, she read out some texts listeners had sent in. One of these contained the words, 'Tony, when are you gonna FCUK off?' Great. Well done, Radio 1, for producing a really sophisticated piece of radio journalism. Not only did they make their listeners look like uncouth disrespectful yobs, they made themselves look like gratuitously offensive sensationalists looking for cheap digs.

On the lecturers
The ongoing dispute between AUT and Nafthe and Ucea is getting nasty with students threatening to sue universities if they can't graduate, or obtain quality assured degrees. I can see that students in this situation are facing a really tough time, and I fully sympathise with them. However, someone is going to suffer in this situation. The students that are presented with the prospect of not graduating may well be the mums and dads in 20 years time whose kids are faced with rubbish lecturers because today's unions didn't stand up for their rights. This is a short-term disruption for a very long-term aim. If we want a top-quality education system, we have to pay for it. And that means giving back lecturers the 40% pay drop in real terms they've taken in the last 20 years.

On Big Brother
I actually find this programme incredibly offensive. The first series was a kind of psychological experiment to see how people reacted to being in such an environment. It has now turned into the kind of voyeuristic and cruel zoo that someone very voyeuristic and cruel would be proud of. The fact that a psychologically ill, possibly suicidal person was used as entertainment on it is merely symptomatic of its overarching unethicalness. I can barely believe this programme is allowed on the air. I don't think the fact that the housemates sign up to everything vindicates the producers' decisions.


  • Such a jounalist its is untrue, sensationalist headline and a misleading rant underneath.

    Firstly, your point had nothing to do with Tony Blair, but more to do with Radio 1 and it conduct, and secondly, your title should be the "The University" if you are siding with the lecturers. Either way stop scaring students about a situtation that is yet to come true.

    Hope we can expect more from Redbrick next year...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:41 pm  

  • 1) What exactly is the sensationalist headline? Blogging is not my forté? Sorry if that was sensationalist. I suggest that if you thought it was you should get out more.

    2) Re: Tony Blair and Radio 1. Yeah it did have more to do with Radio 1. So what. It's a blog, not a comment piece in The Times. You seem to be confusing a site on the internet with Redbrick, a student newspaper in which each article I write is written, re-written, edited, proof-read and proof-read again. As for accuracy, most of your post left that particular quality to be desired.

    3) Why on earth should the title be 'The University' and not 'on the lecturers'?

    4) Stop scaring students? I don't think anything I wrote was remotely sensationalist. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that most of the nationals have had the fact that students are planning to sue universities splashed all over them recently. I suggest you go and pick this particular bone with most of the British press if you think this kind of behaviour is 'scaring students about a situation that is yet to come true'.

    5) Again, this is not a Redbrick article. If you really want to criticise me in a relevant way, and one that is not just a personal vendetta (see below), I suggest you take one of my Redbrick articles and feed back to me on that if you want to justify your parting line. My role as Redbrick editor does not extend into the blogging world.

    Your comment is more of a personal dig than constructive objective criticism. I'm guessing this is someone who posts on the Radish forum, if not Baldsoc (for all who don't know who are reading this, that stands for 'Before and After Lectures Drinking society'. Make of the members what you will). At least have the courage to tell me who you are if you're going to level such damning criticism (well, an attempt at damning criticism...) at me.

    By Blogger Bec, at 11:45 pm  

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