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Friday, May 05, 2006

Update on the life of Bec

Hi everyone,

This is one of those general catching up with what I've been up to posts, rather than a rant/comment about anything in particular (hi Jen ;)).

This term is flying by, as terms tend to do, and I can't believe my exams start on Monday. It's been a really good term so far. This could be mainly because the sun has come out in force to make up for it snowing in April. It seems so wrong to have to revise when it's such gorgeous weather, but these things must be done.

For the interested family among you, my last essay marks were:

71 for 'To what extent has neo-liberalism had a positive impact on the international sphere?' (Foundations of Politics)
70 for 'Why does Machiavelli argue that a prince should behave in 'ways not always considered good?' (Classical Political Thought)
74 for a book review on 'Breaking the Nations' by Robert Cooper (International Relations)

So obviously I'm pretty chuffed with all those. I have to say though, that I have lost some (more) faith in the education system. The last mark, for the book review, seems a little generous given I wrote the thing in an afternoon and got some of my references from the reading list without even picking the books up. 2 of those essays and my last history one contain exactly the same paragraph, copied and pasted from the first one I wrote. Does that count as plagiarism? Can you plagiarise yourself?

Also, our Foundations lecturer has given everyone all the exam questions for our paper on Monday, so basically everyone is just planning/writing their essays in advance and then memorising them. I think this is pretty stupid as it not only makes a mockery of the examination system, but seems to be saying that we can't handle doing a proper exam. Also, I think it will just make it harder for us to do well next year, when it actually counts. But mainly I'm just annoyed cos I won't be able to blag it so much, as loads of people will have gone and lived in the library to plan all their essays...

We went to see a play last Saturday night, called 'Blasted', at the Rep. It was supposedly about the Bosnian war. Some things about it were quite good; for example, all the stage directions were read out loud, e.g. 'He drinks the gin'. This was effective. It contained simulated male rape, 'normal' rape, baby-eating and eye-gouging. However, its attempts to be way out conceptual were met mostly with failure, in my opinion. Nothing about it was particularly awful, but nothing was particularly great either. And it went on too long.

I'm going to see a uni production of Bugsy Malone tonight, which looks like being really good because it's sold out basically every night. And it's Bugsy Malone! I love it. Bring it on.

I've also been reading loads this term which is good because I was beginning to think that I'd forgotten how to read anything apart from the paper or politics books. I've got right into the old Gothic literature, having worked my way through Dracula and Mr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, and I'm now starting on Frankenstein, but that looks pretty hard-going.

You probably read about the editor-ship in the last post. It was really nerve-racking so I'm glad the whole thing's over! I just hope I can actually manage to carry out some of my ideas next year.

Anyway, this is getting way too long (although I could carry on for a while yet), so I'll leave it here.

Bec(s) xx


  • Plagiarism !!!! Naughty !!! Smooooke.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 7:38 pm  

  • Yes, you can plagiarise yourself. If you use part of a previous essay, you should reference it just like any other quote.

    By Anonymous OrangeJon, at 8:05 pm  

  • Hi Bec! I was wasting time looking at some myspace pages and ended up here. Good to read what you're up to. And, for what it's worth, I think it's okay to plagiarize yourself.

    Congrats on getting the editor's job!

    I've got a blog now - but it isn't a blog really. Click on my name...

    By Anonymous Anthony, at 11:07 pm  

  • orangejon: it's not a published work so I doubt it.

    Anthony: hi!

    By Blogger Bec, at 1:46 am  

  • Thanks for the update. Is your brother still alive?

    By Blogger Cora, at 3:35 pm  

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