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Monday, August 07, 2006

Carey Family Conference and all that jazz

First of all, sorry that my blog has been broken for over a week. It's fixed now. I just had to republish it. The reason why is unbeknown to me - it's something to do with the Janus that is technology.

Last week we went on the Carey Family Conference. Many of you will know that this is a long-standing tradition in our family. We've been ten years on the trot (except I've missed one in that time). It's a great week of Bible teaching, fun and talking in a place called Cloverley Hall in Shropshire that happens to be very beautiful. There are about 180 adults that go and around 356,943 children. I think.

This year the main speaker was Andy Christofides. He preached on 2 Peter 1:1-11. It was strange because a lot of people said that they had studied 2 Peter themselves recently, myself being one of them. But although I had really enjoyed studying it and felt like I had learnt a lot from it, when I heard Andy speak on it I realise there was so much more to learn! Which is the point, I guess.

Main things that stood out in the week:

1) How precious our faith is, because of a) it allows us to believe things that to sinful humans seem impossible; b) because of who the giver is that gave us the faith; c) because it is a rare faith (the broad and the narrow gates); d) because our faith cost God the 'precious blood of Christ' to give (1 Peter 2:18-19); e) because our faith WORKS - it saves us from eternal death.

2) How powerful God is and how little we 'take advantage' of this - e.g. how many times do we struggle with sin or difficulties, and then realise we haven't actually prayed about it?

3) Although it's easy to focus on how God's grace was given in the cross and by letting us come into his presence through Jesus as opposed to all the restrictions placed on the Jews (the High Priest going into the Holy of Holies only once per yr after sacrifices etc), I was struck this week for the first time by how gracious it was of God to actually dwell amongst humans AT ALL by dwelling in the tabernacle/temple, after Adam and Eve had been cut off from the Garden.

4) How much I love so many of the people that go to Carey, and how much we can learn from each other.

5) How giving more time to spend with God makes a huge difference.

6) How life is hard and life is tough and this world is racked by sin, but that if we bring our burdens to God in prayer he really does lighten our load and help us.

7) How great my family is!

8) How many people pray for us!

All in all it was a great week. I learnt a lot and had a LOT of fun. To all who went, thanks for being so great, and to those of you who didn't but think it sounds like a good thing to go on, follow your instincts and get a booking form for next year's!


  • haven't read this article you've written as I haven't had time, but thought I'd stop by to say thanks for your comments on my blog, however, I did know the answer and the question was rhetorical.

    Glad you had a good time at Carey.

    By Blogger mrjohnfernandez, at 10:11 am  

  • Thanks for writing up some of the content of the preaching as well as your own perspectives. We missed being there!


    By Blogger Cora, at 2:22 am  

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