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Friday, August 18, 2006


Well, it has been a while isn't it. I should clean some of the dust off this place. But no fear, I am back.

I'm not really in the right frame of mind to write a thoughtful post at the moment so I'll just do one of my snippet posts, and hope that I don't get told off about the headings of each part.

Withnail and I
I've always known of this as a cult film in the back of my head, but always thought it was some boring black and white thing about philosophy. However, I saw it for £2.99 the other day and thought I'd better buy it at that price, as I don't like having to admit that I am ignorant when it comes to such 'classic' productions. I've watched it now and I have to say it's one of the most hilarious films I've seen. As it says on the DVD cover, beautifully acted and wonderfully scripted. Richard E. Grant is great. Watch it.

Terrorist attacks on planes
Yet again I was overcome with a mingled sense of anger, sadness and helplessness as the latest wave of attacks was prevented. Although on one level I can understand what drives these people, on another I find it hard to comprehend how our natural sense of right and wrong can be eroded to the extent that cold-blooded murder is lauded. But yet again I have been repulsed by the fact that most press and public opinion has been focused on the fact that the terrorists were born and bred in - gasp - BRITAIN. It's just another excuse for not-so-closet racism.

Brain wasting away
Having been working in telesales for a while now and reading very few improving or disproving books, I can almost feel my brain tangibly rotting away inside my cranium. I need to consume some pretentious intellectual material or it may be lost forever. So, I've attempted to start reading Crime and Punishment. It's quite hard going though. I'm not very good with anything written before c. 1922.

So anyway, that's it for now. Hope you're all well.


  • Hello there Bec

    Figured I may's well comment on this 'ere blog as it makes rather int'resting reading and I'm starting to get more and more into this webloging thing- plus it's nice to keep in touch with yourself also.

    I'll keep an eye out for that film ye so kindly reviewed for us- don't worry about being ignorant of "classic" media, I'm a real ignoramus when it comes to this kind of thing- sometimes I look at people (mostly your bro!) and think "have you just spent your entire life watching films and listening to music or have I been locked in a cupboard all my life?!! But maybe that's just me...

    An interesting view on the terrorist attacks- what really gets to me is the fact that everyone's complaining about being stuck at the airport or having their luggage checked and I've not really seen anyone going "thanks for saving my life guys!!" I guess having a nice hastle free holiday is the ultimate goal these days.

    Can't really sympathise with work as my job is much more enjoyable than yours. But on the other hand I'm not stimulating the old noggin' that much. Lemme know how you get on with Dostoyevsky- Crime and Punishment is on my undread classics pile at the moment, I've got my Edgar allan Poe collection and Moby Dick to get through before I get onto that as well as Redemption: Accomplished and Applied, some nice easy theology!!!

    This comment is turning into something worthy of an entire blog post so i will say adieu and I love that display pic!!

    The Figleaf

    By Blogger A figleaf of your imagination, at 9:21 pm  

  • sorry, never really understood WN&I, maybe I need to see it again. I did watch Richard E Grant with Nigel Slater cookin gup dishes from his life, that was very interesting.

    By Blogger mamaluke, at 1:43 am  

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