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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


It seems I am haemorrhaging readers faster than Coleen McLoughlin's bank account is haemorrhaging credit, so I thought I'd better do something about it and post. However, seeing as I don't have any well-thought-out in-depth comment on an 'issue' to proffer, this is just going to be one of those boring whatshappeninginmylife blogs.

Obviously the reason I haven't posted (apart from my editorials) for a while is that our Politics essays were due in yesterday. Unfortunately I still have one History due in on Friday, but it feels good getting the assessed ones off my mind. They were, on the whole, interesting, especially the one on Hegel. It'll be interesting seeing what marks I got...

This term has been really good although REALLY hard at some points. I feel like I have learnt an awful lot and grown up too (hopefully this isn't just a delusion on my part). I'm now going to go into numbered points, I can't resist! It makes it easier to write, and I hope, read!

1) Redbrick has, on the whole, gone well. Doing it has forced me to learn, through God, how to prioritise things, accept my situation in life even when it's not ideal, and constantly come to God for help. I've seen how important it is to make time for him. He has been so gracious in helping me through all the times I've been on the verge of tears (or just in tears), through the lovely people I have around me.

2) University in general has been great... I love my course, much as I get annoyed that I can't spend that much time on it. My favourite module this term has been my political philosophy one. My eyes have been opened to how rubbish Marx was (in some ways. More to follow) and how clever Hegel was. I've seen how misinterpreted Nietzsche was and I will never hear the statement 'God is dead' with such disdain again (in case you're now worrying about me, I will also post on this soonish!). Living in the house with friends has been really fun, although I haven't had that much time to actually socialise!

3) Finding Bournville church has also been so good. God definitely has a plan and a purpose in everything. I'm really starting to settle in there now, and enjoying getting to know everyone. They've really welcomed me and Aidan in and I can't wait to get involved and be good friends with people! The teaching has been really helpful also.

4) Spiritually, the term has been incredibly significant. Given the shambles that was my life last year, I was pretty nervous about coming back to uni. I feel so grateful to God that at the end of this term I can say that, despite the difficulties and failings of each day, he has kept me through it, and what's more shown me so much more about him than I knew before. I am very conscious of the spiritual battlefield that is uni, but more generally life, however.

It seems we have now got to a point in society where 'people like us' are assumed to have been lobotomised at the point of conversion. To say you believe in the Bible is to be labelled a fundamentalist, a word which people seem to use interchangeably with 'brainless'. It is a constant battle to try and get people to see that Christians are not people who have exchanged their intellect for an irrelevant book, that everyone has a world-view and that I can defend mine from an epistemological position. Although people who meet me would not tell me that I am intellectually bankrupt/debased, I know that without knowing me personally they would put me in that box. This is probably harder to deal with than the moral issues facing Christians today. It is definitely the bigger battle from a spiritual point of view. There is no point showing people you don't have sex and get drunk if they think the reason for this is that you have lost your mind. After a term of feeling very much like I must prove that I did not throw my brain out of the window when I became a Christian, I could do with a break. The level the state of play is now at is pretty amazing. Atheists/agnostics are now assumed to be modern-day prophets of spiritually (or unspiritual) reality, whereas the playing field is distinctly uneven when it comes to Christians. It is a constant uphill struggle - but hey, we have the Holy Spirit on our side, so bring it on.

So in my editorials I have attempted to at least prise open the debate a little. I'm not looking to preach through Redbrick. There is no point to that and I think most readers would take it as an insult. What I do want to do is get people to think outside the boundaries that have been imposed by today's society and question the beliefs that are taken as 'truth', without critical thought (just as I have done, and continue to do, with my religious beliefs). If I can have made one person think outside the box (which I hope I have done), I will be happy.

5) Things with Aidan have just got better and better. Despite the distance we have managed to see each other a lot, and talk on the phone a LOT! I'm not gonna gush on here, but suffice it to say that God has been really blessing us and it's all very exciting. I feel very grateful to Him for giving me someone so amazing.

So all in all, it's been a good term but I'm looking forward to Christmas, especially to seeing Mum and Dad! It's going to be a very busy holiday time but it should be lots of fun. And I'll try and post a bit more too! Watch this space...


  • Glad to hear things have been going well! Have a good holiday and see you in the new year...

    By Blogger Hannah, at 7:46 pm  

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