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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cho Seung-hui

Apparently people think that police and university chiefs should have "done something" about 23-year-old killer Cho before he massacred over 30 of his peers and committed suicide.

What exactly should they have done? Sectioned him because he was depressed/suicidal? Form an orderly queue now then people...

Cho himself seems to have had a skewed view of things which is perhaps expected for a mass murderer.

Cho killed 32 people... but he was "forced into a corner".
Cho killed 32 people... but he does not have blood on his hands, everyone else does.
Cho killed 32 people... but this was his only option, because they were rich.
Cho killed himself afterwards... but he died like Jesus Christ (who was murdered by the authorities).

While this crime is one of the most horrible to have been perpetrated by one person, somehow the wickedness of Cho's actions seem to be undermined by his textbook, almost stereotypical desperate emo teenager act. Did he really mean all those things? We'll never know. But thanks to NBC broadcasting police evidence against the wishes of the victims' families, we now know what Cho wanted us to think he meant.

Oh and by the way, if you're interested in the psychology of young mass murderers who work in educational institutes, do read a book called We Need To Talk About Kevin. I hear it's pretty good.

Finally, kudos to The Independent for banging the Iraq drum consistently throughout all this (see today's predictably sensational front page).

Relatedly, a pertinent question was posed on the Guardian's comment is free section:

"The first question that comes into my head after reading about the Virginia massacre is - how many people in Iraq died as a result of the US occupation there today?" (paraphrase)

Too Indie? Or a good point? You decide.


  • Surely the Independent can't lose there... They make the point AND probably increase sales...

    Too indie for me... The Independant should publish news EVERY day... not just to make a point...

    As far as the massacre is concerned I just can't understand how that kind of thing can happen. And I think the only thing that can be done is remove the "right to bear arms" clause in the constitution but that's never going to happen...

    By Blogger Jon, at 11:55 pm  

  • Here,

    is a considered, reasoned post on the subject by an intelligent, well-informed journalist.

    Your post is, characteristically, a shallow, trite stream of utter cock-sucking, holier-than-thou faux-analysis that doesn't even begin to attempt to tackle the complexity of this issue.

    And what the FUCK does a high-school massacre have to do with the Iraq war?

    You stupid, monotonous, glib, bland, vacuous, reductive, simple, ignorant fuck.

    If Jesus loves us all, I'm truly, truly sorry, because loving you would be an utter betrayal of the most basic of critical value systems.

    By Anonymous Lewis, at 9:35 pm  

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