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Thursday, May 10, 2007

The end

...of assessed work for the year. Essays finished, history presentations presented, marks received and lectures done. From now on it's just 3-hour blocks of torture in locations such as the old gym, the new gym and the mysterious sounding 'Avon Room'.

So today revision began. About time probably, as my first exam is next Friday. But I'm feeling pretty calm about exams. For now.

Got a lot of marks back today and I've improved on the disaster that was last term's essays - hooray.

Also finished my almost-last edition of Redbrick today. The Israel article is going in this week so I'll blog it tomorrow. Unsurprisingly, I feel a bit frustrated at the word limit as I feel that I have only incorporated a tiny snapshot of the situation there. But as long as I've annoyed everyone involved it should mean it's relatively objective - maybe?!


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