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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

200 feared dead in Sao Paulo plane crash

See above article. Any one of us could have been on that plane - it was coming from Porto Alegre, and although I don't know this for certain, it could easily have stopped at Florianópolis on the way to Congonhas. It was probably the time of day we would have been flying as well, ready for a nightflight to the UK. If Mum and Dad had come over 10 days later who knows... I'm very thankful they didn't.

I still don't know if we know anyone in the crash so if you're Brazilian please leave a comment letting us know you're safe.

Typically, and tragically, the Brazilian airport authorities knew how dangerous this runway is. Bigger planes were banned from landing on it for a time earlier this year because it is so short. It is also notoriously slippery, especially under bad weather conditions such as those last night, with one smaller plane skidding dangerously on it on just Monday this week - the day before the crash.

Brazil, when will you learn to stop playing with people's lives like this? The cost of cancelling a flight has been far outweighed by the loss of likely 200 lives. Well might Lula call three days of national mourning for those whose souls have been claimed by others' recklessness - but how long will it take for a country to start taking human life seriously?


  • Glad to see your family is safe.

    By Blogger Jon, at 9:37 pm  

  • After reading your stunningly articulate and erudite posting I feel compelled to convey that nothing would give me greater pleasure than to sever your feet from your legs and to force you to totter around on the bloodied, stinging stumps.

    You are a cumsock.

    Sometimes there just isn't enough bile in the world for shit-sucking sacks of rancid, impotent flesh like yourself.

    By Anonymous Your inner mind, at 12:39 am  

  • Your very existence indelibly tarnishes the world's already questionable track-record.

    You have the personality of a door.

    Please stop this blog, for the sake of everyone who has ever mistakenly stumbled across it.

    Your sheer insignificance is such that I'm amazed that mirrors even bother to show your reflection.

    By Anonymous Michael, at 3:07 am  

  • If there was any kind of justice in the world Rebecca, you would be lashed to the deck of a North Sea oil rig and used as a human jizzjar by a throng of hairy-backed, syphalitic sailors, in the midst of an apocalyptic storm, the likes of which Northern Europe has never seen.

    By Anonymous Tidaleboing, at 6:47 am  

  • It's a shame that some people haven't got the hang of civil discourse, or the balls to identify themselves. It's even more of a shame to waste education on them, but I suppose that's the price you pay if you want a liberal democracy.

    By Blogger Paul (probably - maybe Liz), at 9:58 pm  

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